Entry: When I enter it I see myself reflected in a million mirrors around me, because the whole temple is just small pieces of mirror Saturday, May 17, 2014

The sky is not really blue, it has no colour

But because it is infinite it appears blue.

The blue is only an appearance.

Whenever the river is deep it will appear blue

Although the water has no colour.

Depth gives it an appearance of blueness.

That's why in India I come across

Krishna painted as if he were blue.

Now, nobody is born blue.

There are black people and there are white

People and there are red people and yellow


But nobody is born blue

Except a few blue children who die

Who cannot survive.

But Krishna is painted as if he were blue.

The very word 'krishna' means the blue one.

He is painted blue for the simple reason that

Blueness represents depth, infinity, vastness.


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